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The World’s Only Dedicated Halal Tourism Event

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Now in its third year, The World Halal Tourism Summit brings together the global family friendly tourism community in a unique summit dedicated to the specific needs of Halal travelers and professionals working in this field.

At the summit, we match Halal tourism buyers with sellers and offer an unparalleled opportunity for networking at the highest level.

Unlike other events in the Halal travel sector that only describe the issue, WHTS17 defines and drives future initiatives and industry content. The summit presents insight and solutions and brings together tourism leaders, innovators, investors and stakeholders who all share one common aim of understanding and driving the family friendly travel industry.

Muslim majority tourism is one of the fastest growing areas of global tourism and excluding Hajj and Umrah, is set to surpass +$238 billion by 2019.

Primary source markets include OIC member countries supported by non-Muslim majority markets with fast growing resident Muslim populations including Europe, North America, China and India. Exhibitors, visitors and buyers all working within the Halal tourism arena come together at the event to network, introduce new destinations and offer insight into the opportunities in this booming market.

Halal tourists are proven to travel with more family members, stay for a longer period and ultimately spend more money than any other tourism niche. For these reasons tourism brands across the globe are adapting their services to meet the needs of these guests.

The World Halal Tourism Summit attracts

1,000’s of trade visitors and delegates

200+ leading global exhibitors

50 industry leader speakers

500+ Hosted qualified VIP buyers

120 countries represented

Key industry experts from tourism boards, international destinations,

airlines, hospitality groups and technology companies

Halal tourism facts

UNWTO estimates that Halal tourism represents 12% of the global tourism expenditure

Muslim majority states account for 25% of the top 20 countries with the greatest growth in international tourism

Family friendly tourism is one of the fastest growing areas of global tourism and excluding Hajj and Umrah is set to surpass +US$ 238 billion by 2019

Halal tourism is growing 100% faster than any other niche in the global travel sector