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Hosted Buyer Qualification Criteria for Medical Tourism

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Buyer Selection Criteria:

Applications will be reviewed and selected by ITW-Abu Dhabi against the following qualification criteria:

Whether your core business is focused on outbound tourism from your home country

Annual budget sending tourists overseas

The potential for you delivering future business to ITW Abu Dhabi Partners

Should applications not meet all of the requirements listed above, ITW-Abu Dhabi reserves the right to offer selected components of the buyer programme only.

Commitment from a hosted buyer:

The terms and conditions of the ITW Abu Dhabi Hosted Buyer programme include that the qualified and registered Hosted Buyer will commit to the following:-

You agree to secure a minimum number of business appointments prior to the event taking place.

You agree to attend technical tours on the 3rd day of the event

If you wish to cancel your attendance, you must do so in writing a minimum of 2 months prior to the event, otherwise a 5,000 AED cancellation fee will be charged.

You understand that your presence at all ITW Abu Dhabi 2017 functions is mandatory.

You understand that any changes that you wish to make (such as flights, accommodation, registration etc.) relating to your participation in ITW Abu Dhabi 2017 must be submitted in writing and confirmed by ITW Abu Dhabi 2017 prior to the event and any charges incurred from any changes may be passed onto you.

Any changes to the overall Hosted Buyer Programme package will be made at ITW Abu Dhabi's discretion and notified accordingly.

You agree not to use your attendance at ITW Abu Dhabi for their own commercial purposes by trying to sell or offer your products or services to other event participants.

The Hosted Buyer Programme is restricted to one delegate per organization.

What is included in the Hosted Buyer Package:

Return economy flights to Abu Dhabi +

Single room accommodation in Abu Dhabi +

Registration for ITW Abu Dhabi Meeting Booking System

Details of attending organisations such as service providers, tourism boards and media pre-summit

Access to selected ITW Abu Dhabi Research Reports

A copy of the ITW Abu Dhabi show guide containing contact details for attending organisations

Access to all ITW Abu Dhabi educational seminars and workshops

Entrance to all ITW Abu Dhabi networking events, including lunches, refreshment breaks and evening receptions, plus the World Halal Travel Awards for Halal buyers +

Access to a range of post event familiarization tours with ITW Abu Dhabi stakeholders

For Selected Buyers Only

Subject to airline routes

Approved hosted buyers will receive a written confirmation from ITW-Abu Dhabi 2017 of what is included in their package as per the above information and conditions.

Please Note that the following Items are NOT INCLUDED in the hosted buyer programme: